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Our vision is to anticipate and understand our customers’ needs and expectations to ensure they have an exceptional experience. The resident Benefits were developed with this in mind.

Our Commitments to You

The perfect apartment is only as good as the services that back it. That’s why we’ve created resident programs and commitments with your needs in mind. Our Commitments:

  • Exceptional Move-In: We’ll make sure there are no surprises on moving day.
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident you’ll be happy with your new apartment that we guarantee it! If you are unhappy during the first 30 days of your lease, we will allow you to move. It’s that simple.*
  • Express Service: Routine service requests will be responded to within two business days, guaranteed!
  • Personal Attention: When you rent with us, you’re not just a resident, you’re a neighbor. We’re going to listen to your needs, return your calls promptly and address your concerns.

*Unfortunately, LIHTC Apartments are not eligible.

Preferred Employer Program

Miller-Valentine Communities are committed to enhancing the quality of life of our residents. We want to partner with you to bring a new approach to your employees regarding apartment living. Programs such as The Miller-Valentine Promise and our All About You Commitments keep your employees’ home life hassle-free so they can focus on work.

We search out companies that have a work force in the communities we choose to serve, and partner with them to bring an affordable approach to apartment living.

Preferred Employer Program Money Saving Details:

Membership in a Miller-Valentine Community Preferred Employer Program includes:

  • $50 off move in costs
  • Employee Referral Bonus: If you as an employer share our community with co-workers and they mention your company when they lease, you will get $50 in Miller-Valentine Resident Loyalty Points!*
  • Notification of special offers at our communities
  • The Relocation Guarantee: If one of your employees needs to relocate, we will allow them to transfer without completing their lease, paying lease break fees and without an additional application and deposits made to a new Miller-Valentine Community.

What We Will Provide to You:

  • All marketing materials to share with employees
  • A special E-Blast Marketing piece to send to employees (optional)
  • Special events such as pizza parties hosted by our community just to say thank you for partnering with us

What Will My Employee Need to get the Rewards?

  • Proof of employment
  • Your employees will still have to pass our standard: criminal, credit, rental background checks


If you are interested in seeing if your company qualifies for our Preferred Employer Program please contact the community in your area and the Community Manager will walk you through the process.

* Upon approved credit and satisfactory background check, some restrictions may apply.
* Residents must present proof of employment to receive discount. One discount per new lease. Program terms subject to change at any time without notice.

Home Town Heroes

Home Town Heroes are all over our communities, Miller-Valentine Group wants to say Thank You for your service!

We Proudly give any and all Home Town Heroes in all of our communities a special 5% discount off monthly market rent.*

You make our lives and the families lives of your community better, and we appreciate all that you do!

Our Home Town Hero Special discount rate extends to the following:

  • Active Duty Military
  • Current Position as a:
    • Teacher (K-12)
    • Firefighter
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Police Officer

There are times that our community will be running a special, Home Town Heroes will always receive the greater of the two discounts, and as long as you are active in your line of work the discount will apply to your entire length of your stay at our community.

* Only one special per apartment
* Expires December 31, 2017

FAQs about the Home Town Hero Program

Do I have to be active duty?
Yes, active, full-time employees are eligible.

Am I eligible if I am part-time status or a volunteer?
Unfortunately, this is only applicable to full-time status.

What proof is required to prove that I am eligible?
Proof of employment and photo ID.

If I am already a resident, am I eligible to start receiving this benefit?
You may start receiving this benefit upon renewal of your lease.

May I receive this benefit in addition to another rent special?
Only one special is allowed per apartment; you may receive whichever special is the greater of the two discounts.

The Miller-Valentine Promise

Click here to download enrollment form

If you sign a lease at any Miller-Valentine Residential managed community and you lose your job within the next twelve months, Miller-Valentine Group will allow you to terminate your lease and move without penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the MVG Promise?
MVG’s Promise would apply to any new leases or renewals. The account must be paid current.

Will I get my deposit back?
The MVG Promise would be considered the same as completion of a normal lease term. As such, the Security Deposit would be subject to refund but charges for any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed during the final walk-through.

What proof of termination do I need to have?
Proof will be submitted to the Community Manager in the form of an eligibility letter to be notarized and available on this website or proof of filing an unemployment claim.

When do I have to move-out?
The resident will agree on a move-out date with the Community Manager and pay rent through that day. The resident need not stay through the end of the month. Completion of this notice period constitutes fulfillment of the terms of the lease and the resident will not receive a negative rental history from us as long as they have paid their rent through the move out date and any move out charges (damages) that may apply.

What if I can’t move on the date we agreed on?
The resident must contact the Community Manager and notify us of a change as well as pay rent through the new move-out date.

What if I had two part time jobs and I only lost one?
If both jobs were used to calculate the renter’s ability to pay, the loss of one would qualify the resident for the MVG Promise.

What if I lost my job but my roommate didn’t?
If both jobs were used to calculate the household’s qualification, the loss of one would qualify the residents for the MVG Promise. The employed roommate would have the option to stay or take advantage of the MVG Promise.

What if one spouse loses their job but the other spouse works? If both jobs were used to calculate the household’s qualification, the loss of one would qualify the residents for the MVG Promise.

What if I lost my job but it was a “buy out” or severance?
If you are no longer employed, you would qualify for the MVG Promise. If you choose to stay for a longer period while they seek new employment, terms of the rental agreement would apply until such time as a move-out date is agreed upon.

Does it matter if my job was part time vs. full time?
If either a full or part time job was used to calculate the renter’s ability to pay, the loss of either would qualify the resident for the MVG Promise.

Does the MVG Promise apply to involuntary termination only?
The MVG Promise applies to involuntary termination only.

Is it good for a current lease, or just new leases signed in the next 12 months?
MVG’s promise applies to any new lease or renewal with an account that is current with rent payment.

What if I move out on this program, get a job, move back in and then become unemployed again, will I be eligible again?
You would be eligible for the MVG Promise until such time that the program is discontinued.

Please contact any of our communities if you have further questions regarding The Miller-Valentine Promise.

Foreclosure Forgiveness

All of us at Miller-Valentine Group understand what difficult and trying economic times our country is enduring. What has happened to the for-sale housing industry has not only been disastrous but unexpected as well. We understand that the best of intentions don’t always work out as planned. With the nation’s foreclosure rate getting worse every day, thousands of home-owners will be forced to move from their homes while leaving their credit in shambles. Miller-Valentine Group has compassion and wants to help.

Our ‘Foreclosure Acceptance Program’ will help foreclosed families qualify to live at a Miller-Valentine rental community. Even though there is a foreclosure on a recent credit report, our management team will work with every potential renter to provide a timely and fair application approval process. We will diligently review other important factors in credit scoring to ensure that responsible, hard working people who have paid their bills on time will have the opportunity to rent at a Miller-Valentine community.

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