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Does your apartment need a refresh?

Below are some tips for little decor changes that make a big difference!

When your apartment is feeling outdated, think small! Purchasing a couple of throw pillows or decorative planters can really change up the look and feel of a space. Stick to colors that are already in the room to ensure your new items don't feel out of place. But, don't be afraid to add small bursts of bright accent colors. ColourLovers' palette picker lets you browse millions of user-created color palettes, and even search for palettes by a color you're already using in your decor to ensure you find your best match!

If the bedroom is getting you down, a fresh duvet cover or new comforter might be just what you need. Your bedspread takes up a lot of visual room, meaning your eye is naturally drawn to it whenever you walk into the bedroom. Switching this up can make you feel like you've had a bedroom makeover with only one small expense!

Maybe it's not your stuff that needs refreshing, but rather the way you look at it. Try some new lighting for an update in perspective. Table and floor lamps can help you add dimension to your spaces, as they change up the height of the light sources in your rooms. Using incandescent lighting brings a warm feel to a room, while blue light can be stimulating and create a colder atmosphere. Try some color changing LED light strips to bring a funky new vibe to your favorite spaces!  

If you're looking for some inspiration, our community rooms are influenced by contemporary interior design trends. Explore our listings to see what speaks to you!