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Imagine trying to move all of your furniture into your new apartment, only to discover that none of it fits.

Whether you're upgrading, downsizing, or moving into your new apartment, these are the measurements you should take before leasing.


Your large furniture

Ensuring your sofa fits in your doorway and doesn't overpower your living room is obvious, but it's also important to measure things like area rugs, the TV, your bed, and any dressers or nightstands. These things are costly to replace, so arming yourself with a clear picture of how everything will look and fit in a new apartment, while apartment hunting, can help you make your final decision. 


The rooms

Measuring the length and width of the rooms in your new apartment can help you cut down on moving costs by ensuring your existing furniture will fit right in. After measuring, use an app like Rooms to map out where all of your furniture will go. Don't forget to also measure the hall in the apartment to be sure that your furniture will fit when moving it from room to room.


The building's common areas

Even if your furniture fits into your new apartment on paper, don't forget to consider your building's hallways, doorways, and elevators (or stairwells). If you're hiring movers to help get you into your new apartment, they'll want to know about the building's layout and your apartment's location ahead of time, so be sure to factor these measurements into your moving plan.


Bringing your old stuff into a new apartment is a great way to feel at home on your first night. Take accurate measurements to ensure that you're not leaving anything important behind.