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When you're an apartment dweller, neutral colors on your walls are something you learn to live with.

That doesn't mean you can't bring exciting, vibrant colors into your home in other ways, though. Try these strategies to liven up your living area. 


Start Small

Experimenting with bright colors in your home can be a little intimidating. You don't want something that looks awkward or draws too much attention. Start with small items and more subtle colors in less conspicuous areas. Try a throw pillow or a lampshade in a color that you love, then slowly add this color elsewhere in the room from there. 


Pick A Secondary Room

Wanting to brighten up your life by redecorating doesn't mean you have to focus on the living room. You spend plenty of time in your kitchen and bathroom, so why not get creative in there? A fun tile choice or a dazzling shower curtain can make brushing your teeth much more exhilarating. A patterned backsplash or a stand-out cookie jar on the counter will make cooking in your kitchen a little spicier.


Create a Focal Wall

As you branch out on your color adventure, make your apartment appear more spacious with a focal wall. If your rental agreement allows, try painting a wall that eye-catching color you've been dreaming of. If painting isn't an option, try non-stick wallpaper or washi tape to get creative without damaging your walls. You can also add art, shelving or accessories that compliment that color, and voila - you'll feel like you have more room and get plenty of compliments from your guests. 


Stand Out with Stripes

Vertical stripes can make a viewer's eye travel up and down, giving the appearance of higher ceilings and more square footage. Stripes can also allow a decorator to mix a bright color with a more neutral one, softening the impact of that color while still including it. Try drapes with thick, vertical stripes of your primary color and your chosen bright accent color.