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Turning up the heat isn't the only way to stay warm and cozy this winter!

Your apartment's décor can make a big difference in how comfortable your apartment feels when the cold weather hits. Here are a few toasty tips to make your home feel cozy this winter.


Add warmth under your feet

Rugs are a great way to add warmth under your feet! They make a space look and feel comfy and welcoming. Buy an area rug to warm up your living room and bedroom, or smaller rugs in places like the foot of the bed, at the kitchen sink, or under the coffee table. For the spaces in between the rugs, a thick pair of slippers or some wool socks can do wonders for keeping you warm. 


Use faux fur

Using faux fur accents in your home not only creates a luxurious look, but will also help you stay warm and toasty this winter! Faux fur can be draped on a chair, placed on a footstool, used as a blanket, or even hung on the wall. 


Update the bedding

Your summer sheets may not make the cut when the cold weather comes. A warm duvet, flannel sheets, and a throw blanket will keep you warm and snug in bed this winter. Adding some wintery accent pillows will help make your bedroom look great, and will provide extra warmth and comfort on those extra cold winter nights!


Hang new curtains

This little change can go a long way towards making your home look and feel more warm and pleasant. During the day, keep the curtains open to let in as much sunlight and heat as possible. At night, cover the windows to trap in heat, keep the cool air out, and give your rooms a more cozy look.