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An organized closet means an organized life.

Utilize all of the closet space in your apartment with these easy tips to keep your closet organized.


1. Use a shoe organizer

Scattered shoes can make an otherwise organized closet look cluttered and messy. The best solution is to use a shoe organizer. Depending on the type of closet, purchase a shoe organizer that either hangs off of the closet door or consists of tiered shelves. Or, simply use shoe boxes to store your seasonal or occasional pairs. If you're low on space, old wine boxes can be used to store a large number of shoes without having to lay each pair out. 


2. Use floor space

Whereas the hanging bars of closets tend to fill up quickly, there's often unused space on the floor of the closet. Utilizing this space is a sure way to keep your closet organized. Get open cubby shelves, a low dresser, or even use an additional hanging bar, like these closet doublers, to make the most out of your closet's floor space. 


3. Add a mirror

Adding a mirror to your closet can help create the appearance of a more organized closet as it directs attention away from the clutter. If you live at Waterstone Landing or Honey Creek, you can add to this effect by putting a dresser inside your walk-in closet with a mirror set on top. The dresser will help with organization, while the mirror gives the closet a more functional role as well as gives the impression of having more space in your bedroom. 


4. Use dividers

Most closets have a shelf installed above the hanging rod. Use shelf dividers to organize everything placed on this shelf, like sweaters, t-shirts, towels, or bedding. Many dividers slide directly onto the shelf, making them easy to install and remove.


5. Use vertical space

Use the space above the clothes rod for even more storage. Purchase stackable shelves, cubbies, or even storage bins to keep things organized vertically. Your clothes will hide many of these shelves, meaning you can add a bunch of storage space without having your closet look visibly cluttered. 


6.  Hang things on hooks

Make the most out of the hanging rod in your closet. S-shaped shower curtain hooks also make for fantastic closet hooks that don't need to be installed into a wall. Use them to hang purses, scarves, ties, belts, and more.