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Are you searching for creative ways to add storage to your home without breaking the bank?

We have you covered! Here are a few storage tips for your apartment.  


Buy furniture with storage

Coffee tables, ottomans, and even sofas are all available with hidden storage. Furniture with storage is a great way to keep small things organized and out of the way, like remote controls, magazines, toys, blankets, and anything else that you want to keep out of sight. 


Decorate with wall shelves

Keep your stuff off the floor by decorating your walls with shelving. Place books, small planters, and picture frames on wall shelves to free up space throughout your apartment. Try floating shelves in the bathroom to store all of your extra toiletries, cosmetics, and towels. 


Divide open spaces

Open layouts help to maximize the space in your apartment and give it a more modern feel. Add a little separation between spaces by adding a larger shelf unit with storage space. Try one in the living room to section off a home office, and organize smaller office items into bins that fit into the shelf.


Use the back of doors

The back of a door is the perfect place to store smaller items or to hang clothes and towels. Buy over-the-door organizers to keep everything from shoes to cleaning supplies neatly stored away.


Maximize your closet space

Closets were designed for storage, but there are many ways to better compartmentalize and organize your things within this space. First, measure the free space you have in your closet. Depending on what you have room for, put a dresser on the floor, shelves above the rod, or purchase organizers with hooks to place on the rod.