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Spring is a time to rejuvenate and refresh.

It's time to make improvements, not only to yourself, but also to the place that you live. That's why spring cleaning has become so popular - it feels great to clean everything from top to bottom, and to get your home ready for the warm weather.

If you're looking to start fresh this season, check out these spring cleaning tips.


Go Natural

Nothing smells or feels better than cleaning with products that smell just like the outdoors. This is easy to achieve by cleaning with natural products that are scented with common spring aromas. Plus, using natural products protects your kids, your pets, and yourself from harmful chemicals. The Good Trade provides a list of some of the best all natural brands to use in cleaning your home.


Bust the Dust

Dust can build up over the year and sometimes gets overlooked during your regular cleaning routine. When dusting, remember to get all of the baseboards and woodwork around your apartment. Don't forget about the places hard to see, like the top of your kitchen cupboards. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure you also dust each blade so it's ready to use when the temperature rises.


Check the Furniture

Furniture is often overlooked during spring cleaning, but your furniture needs to be cleaned along with the areas behind and underneath. Move everything to the center of the room to ensure you don't miss a spot. Use your vacuum cleaner's attachments to clean into every crevice of your sofa and armchairs where crumbs and other dirt can collect.


Feng Shui

Now that the furniture is out of place, consider putting it back with an all new layout. Creating good feng shui where you live is great for helping you relax and feel more at home in your apartment. It's also the perfect way to help your apartment feel new again.


Add some Greenery

Nothing says "spring" like freshly blooming plants! Bring the wonderful spring scents indoors by adding plants around your apartment. Get creative with hanging planters or tall vases, and plant some of these flowering plants that bloom best in spring.