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Everybody likes to stay in sometimes!

Whether you're a regular homebody, looking for a change of scene, or just trying to save a few dollars, turning your apartment into a romantic getaway for the evening can make for an exciting and unforgettable date.

Here are a few ways to plan a date night in your own apartment.


Prepare dinner together

Cooking together is both fun and romantic. Sharing a glass of wine and some good conversation while you prepare dinner together is a great way to start off any date. Get adventurous by choosing a new dish to try together, or challenge each other by having a friendly cook-off! Our residents at WaterStone at Carriage Trails can even move the cookout to this community's coveted outdoor grill!


Turn it into a picnic

Create a change of scenery by setting up a picnic area in your apartment. Complete the feel with a picnic blanket and basket full of finger foods. Set the scene with flowers, candles, and even a "sounds of the park" soundtrack for some creative ambience! If the weather is nice, head outside without heading too far and enjoy the poolside spaces found at our Beckett Farms, WaterStone at Carriage Trails, and WaterStone Landing communities. 


Have a games night

Challenge your date with a board game, card game, video game, or even a drinking game. If you're both into sports, you could play a one-night fantasy baseball, football, or hockey game. Games are a great way to learn more about each other, and to ignite some serious sparks!


Transform your living room into a theatre

For an extra special date night in, give your living room a little makeover. Grab some popcorn and other sweet and savory snacks, and cozy up on the ground with pillows and blankets to make tonight's viewing experience feel especially romantic. WaterStone Landing's cinema room can also help give you and your date a change of pace without breaking the bank!