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A new puppy can bring happiness, companionship, loyalty and love to any household!

All Miller-Valentine Group communities are pet-friendly, so you can make a furry friend a part of your family. Some of our properties, like WaterStone Landing, WaterStone at Carriage Trails, and Beckett Farms, even feature a private dog park!

It's important to puppy-proof your apartment when introducing your new pet into your home. This will protect your puppy from getting hurt or eating anything that may be poisonous for them.

Here are a few tips on how to puppy-proof your apartment.


Create a puppy space

A puppy needs a space to feel safe in, especially when they are in the apartment alone. Designate a space for them, like the corner of a room, a bathroom, or the kitchen. If you're crating your new friend, set up the crate in this designated area. If you're not planning on crating, use baby gates to close the area off to create a space just for them. Complete the space with a bed and some toys to make your puppy feel as comfortable as possible. 


Cover cords and wires

Puppies love chewing things, especially when they are teething. Chewing on cords and wires can be extremely dangerous, as it could lead to shocks or burns to the mouth. They can also easily get tangled up in them. All cords and wires should be kept out of reach of your puppy or covered up so that he or she can't get to them.


Keep the lid on the trash

New puppies can be tempted by food scraps in your garbage, so keeping your trash covered with a secured lid is important when training your new friend. This will not only keep your beloved pup from making a mess, but also from consuming any toxic items that may be in the bin, or eating things that can result in internal obstructions. It's also important to put away any small bags or other items, and seal off small spaces that your puppy could get stuck in.


Make it toxic free

There are many things that are toxic to puppies, including products with xylitol, household cleaners, chocolate, and human medications. Make sure that if you do have these items in your apartment, that they are stored away so that your puppy can't get to them. You also want to make sure that there are no plants or flowers around that are poisonous to dogs. A list of these can be found here.


Getting your furry friend used to their new home is a lot of work, but it's well worth it!