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Moving into an apartment with your significant other can help lead the way to a long-lasting future together.

But sometimes, there can be a clash in decorating styles. Here are some tips on how the two of you can merge your styles into one apartment.


Take inventory

Knowing what each of you have before moving in together will make it much easier to decide what you need, and what you need to get rid of. Both of you should make a list of all of your furniture, appliances, and electronics. Where doubles occur, choose the item that is in better condition or serves you both better. This process will also depend on the size of your apartment, and what exactly will fit in it. 


Choose the must-haves

Compromise plays a major role in any successful relationship. Each of you should designate a few things that you must have. This could be a well-loved lounge chair, artwork that you made yourself, or a piece of furniture that you splurged on. These things are non-negotiable, regardless of what they look like, as they are things that are important to each of you.


Be empathetic 

It isn't always fun to get rid of stuff, especially things that may hold sentimental value for you or your significant other. Your loved one is experiencing the same feelings about their things that you are about yours, so be considerate in determining which items can stay and which should go. Remember, the style that you two build will develop over time, so don't be too quick to get rid of items that may not seem to immediately fit in at the new apartment. 


Mix your styles

Are you into industrial design, while your partner loves all things vintage? There's no reason why you can't merge your styles together to create one amazingly eclectic space. Your partner's vintage prints or stack of old books may just add the pop of color that your industrial living room desperately needs! Play around with what you both have and find ways to mix them together to create an apartment that is uniquely yours.