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Zanesville has a long history of paranormal activity, from its UFO sighting in 1966 to its haunted Convent of St. Thomas.

Luckily, our Sandhurst Apartments aren't haunted; but there are still plenty of places to get your share of chills and thrills around Zanesville this Halloween season.


Forest of Fright

Located just southeast of Zanesville is Muskingum County's largest haunted trail! For 11 years, the Forest of Fright has been scaring visitors every Friday and Saturday night in October. The trail will lead you through the Hellavator, Tunnel of Screams, Toxic Terror, and the Demented Doll House. Get chills down your spine while trying to find your way out of the maze to escape the twisted clowns and the Madd Trapper.


Nightmare in Nashport

Just northwest of our Sandhurst Apartments is this thrilling haunted trail that runs for half a mile through the woods. There are 15 scary scenes to make your way through while ghosts, demons, and zombies jump out at you. It truly is spooky, especially considering it only opens after dark.


The Y Bridge

This Y-shaped bridge is a three-way bridge that runs across the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers. The historic bridge was originally built in 1814 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge is located right in downtown Zanesville, and people living near it have reportedly heard ghostly sounds and rattles from inside their homes. It is believed that these sounds are made by Doc Fowler, who sadly drove his horse-drawn carriage over the bridge one fateful night. Visit the bridge at night and find out for yourself!


Moxahala Cemetery

This one is sure to give you a fright any day of the year! Some believe that Moxahala Cemetery is haunted by a woman whose grave was robbed in 1822. While the local doctor and a group of medical students were suspected, no one was ever convicted of this crime. Some say her spirit lives on in the cemetery, searching for her body and the people that stole it.