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Herbs are pretty low-maintenance, and add a gorgeous pop of color to your apartment balcony.

With some sunlight and regular watering, you can grow your very own herb garden right on your apartment balcony. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Pick the Best Spot

Most herbs need between 4 and 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow into beautiful, edible plants. Check your balcony at different times of the day to see which spots get this amount of sunlight; this will be the spot to grow your herb garden. If you can't find a day where you will be home to do this, buy a sun calculator to help you out.


Choose Herbs That you Like

Some herbs are easier to grow than others, but it's always best to start with herbs that you actually like to cook with. This will help keep you motivated to care for your balcony garden, as you'll want to replace all of the herbs you use for dinner. To start a garden of your favorite herbs from scratch, you can read about starting seedlings here.


Give Them Room

Each herb plant will need adequate room to grow, so choose pots that are large enough to allow them to flourish. It's also important not to mix plants together, as each herb requires particular conditions to prosper. For example, parsley likes moist soil, while thyme prefers dryer soil. Mixing these together in the same pot will hinder each herb's ability to grow.


Water Them Properly

Watering your herbs is a careful process that requires a lot of attention. As a general rule, you want to water the soil rather than the leaves, or you could end up with fungus on your plants. When deciding whether your herbs need water, check the soil with your finger to see if it's dry one inch below the surface. If it is, the plant needs water. Just be careful not to give your plants too much water, and to look out for signs that you're overwatering