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Cycling is great for the environment, and your health!

Whether you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, or want to experience some of the awesome health benefits of riding a bike, the Bike Muncie program wants you to get cycling!

The Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee for cycling advocacy in Muncie, IN partnered with Delaware County to create the Bike Muncie program. This education and outreach program is aimed at getting the people of Muncie out of their cars and onto their bikes for their daily commutes or exercise needs. The organization also provides residents and visitors with programs and resources promoting safe cycling and pedestrian-friendly travel.

One of the best things about being part of the Bike Muncie program is that you can get a discount at participating Muncie businesses. Many local businesses have jumped on board, offering cyclers discounts on everything from records and comics, to gift shops and art exhibits. Just put a member sticker on your helmet and arrive by cycling to any of the participating businesses to get some great deals. 

Our Mill Pond Apartments are large enough to be able to store a bicycle, making it a breeze to cycle to and from Ball State University, or anywhere else you want to go in the city. If you're not sure what the best route for your commute would be, use this form to contact someone in the Bike Muncie program. They'll assess your skill level to develop a custom commuter plan made especially for you.