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Each of Miller-Valentine Group's luxury communities feature stunning clubhouses for community use.

Residents can use these rooms for events like birthday parties or other large gatherings. But you don't need to be planning a big event to get use out of these rooms. Here are a few tips on the best ways to make use of your community's clubhouse.


Start a book club

There's nothing like a great book to inspire like-minded people to come together. Community clubhouses are the perfect place to hold a book club, whether you're creating one with a group of friends, or starting one with your community's residents. Use Indigo's Book Club Picks to choose a theme for your book club, as well as your next read.


Hold movie marathons

Binge-watching your favorite movie series is much better when you do it with company. Call your neighbors, friends, and family, make some popcorn, and see how many of your favorites you can get through in a night! Didn't finish them all? Make it a monthly event, and stay in touch with your fellow movie fans.


Organize a game night

For a more interactive event, organize a card or board game night with other community residents, or invite your best pals. Using the clubhouse to play games is a fun way to bring people together without having to worry about playing host. Start with a tutorial night teaching everyone some classic games, then decide what your group likes best.