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Home to three major sports teams, magnificent restaurants, iconic bars, cultural and historical museums, and lovely parks, Cincinnati has truly earned its nickname as "The Queen City."


Cincinnati has a unique culture, beautiful architecture, and a charming riverfront area. Plus, the city's parks are strikingly beautiful, especially during the fall. Whether you're a resident of the city or just visiting, here are five great tours to take this fall in Cincinnati.


Queen City Underground Tour

This tour takes you into Cincinnati's past, back to a time when an elaborate (and newly discovered) tunnel system was used to undermine prohibition, and when Buffalo Bill Cody reigned as one of the city's most iconic showmen. The tour is run by American Heritage Tours, with fall tours running on Saturdays and Sundays. A guide tells tales of the city's past while taking you through one of America's largest collections of historical landmarks. 


The Haunted Brewery Tour

Celebrate October by taking the Haunted Brewery Tour! This brand new and interactive tour combines traditions of Oktoberfest and Halloween while teaching about Cincinnati's brewing history. Follow the Brewing Heritage Trail underground while listening to five ghostly stories, one of which is fiction. Clues and interactive puzzles are given throughout the tour to help you figure out which story is the false one. If your group guesses correctly, you win a prize!


Eden Park Segway Tour

This large riverside park is quite beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing color. Travel through the 186 acre park by Segway and take it all in with the Eden Park Segway Tour. There are 14 points of interest to see on the tour, which travels around Mirror Lake to the famous gazebo, the iconic Krohn Conservatory, the Twin Lakes Overlook, and the Presidential Grove, where a tree is planted in honor of each president. Residents of our Alexandra community are just a three minute drive from this gorgeous park.


Cincinnati Reds Ballpark Tour

No baseball fan should go without enjoying a Cincinnati Reds Ballpark Tour, which takes you behind the scenes of a baseball game at the Great American Ball Park. The 90 minute tour runs on Saturdays and includes a visit to the Scoreboard Operations Room, Right Field Wall, the Reds Bullpen, and the Press Box. It also includes admission to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.


The Nati in a Nutshell

Urban Adventures presents The Nati in a Nutshell, a three hour tour designed to cram a lot of Cincinnati culture into a short, walkable adventure. While this tour is best for tourists, it's also great for those new to Cincinnati, or those who want to learn more about the spectacular city they call home. Sample food from some of Cincinnati's most famous restaurants, experience two of the city's most beautiful parks, and get a breathtaking view of three states from the top of Carew Tower, all guided by a Cincinnati local.