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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate what you have, and to give back to others.

Spending time with family and friends during the holidays is great, but Miller-Valentine Group believes in extending Thanksgiving to all members of our communities. Here are 4 ways you can give back to your community this Thanksgiving season.


Make a Thanksgiving Basket

Many local charities and religious institutions give out Thanksgiving baskets to those in need. Find out who in your community is doing this, and put together a basket for the cause. You can also just bring a basket directly to a homeless shelter in your area. Include things like a turkey, cranberry sauce, decorations, and stuffing to feed a family of four. You can also include non-perishable items and basic daily necessities.


Give to the Elderly

Donating your time is just as good as donating money or items! Visit a nearby nursing home and spend time with people who may be looking for some extra company during the holiday. You can also volunteer with Meals on Wheels and deliver lunch and a smile to the seniors in your community.


Support the Troops

There are a few ways to show the armed forces some love this Thanksgiving season. You can send a care package to troops abroad through Operation Gratitude, sponsor a soldier to make a phone call home, or even invite a service member into your home for Thanksgiving dinner. Many troops are stationed away from family and friends and would welcome the chance to spend Thanksgiving in a loving home.


Visit a Hospital

Hospital staff don't stop working on Thanksgiving, nor do long-term patients get to go home. Bake some cookies or cupcakes for the hardworking staff at your local hospital, bring some small gifts to children in care, or even offer to distribute food to patients. A little gesture can go a long way!