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The concepts of “Green” and “Sustainable” are ever evolving and changing. Miller Valentine Group is committed to on-going use of systems and practices that promote environmentally friendly outcomes.

Following is a list of Green and / or Sustainable practices employed by MV Construction and MV Residential Property Management. Again, this list is constantly changing as new innovations are utilized in our every day businesses.

Green Property Management Practices*

  • Green Property Management Practices*
  • Replacement of old, inefficient appliances and HVAC systems with Energy Star appliances and systems
  • Use compact florescent bulbs and low wattage fixtures when possible
  • Install ceiling fans in upgraded, pre-existing units
  • Installation of programmable thermostats when replacements are required
  • Utility billing program in place to promote conservation
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and solvents when possible
  • Replacement of existing plumbing fixtures with low flow fixtures (kitchen and bath faucets, commodes, tub spouts and shower heads)
  • Use of bio-retention systems for sheet flow water management
  • Recycling program for residents
  • Replacement of old windows with energy efficient windows

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